Brosna Educational Centres Clg

Brosna Girls Clubs comes under the umbrella of Brosna Educational Centres CLG, a registered charity (CHY 6329) for the advancement of education and character development in accordance with Christian principles and ideals.

Child Safeguarding Manual

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Child Safeguarding Statement

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Designated Liaison Person

Mr Pat Hanratty

36 Rathfarnham Wood, Dublin 14

Mobile: 087-2731904 Email:

​Maintains a policy of openness with parents that involves consulting them about matters that concerns their children, and encourages them to get involved with the organisation wherever possible.
Staff and Volunteers

Adopts and consistently applies clearly defined methods of recruiting staff and volunteers.

Does not permit anyone against whom a plausible complaint of abuse has been made (unless the complaint proves to be without foundation) to participate in its activities with young people.


Recognises that the welfare of children must always come first, regardless of all other considerations.

Acknowledges the rights of children to be protected, treated with respect, listened to and have their own views taken into consideration.

Acknowledges that a child’s age, sex and background affect the way they experience and understand what is happening to them.

Recognises that early intervention with children who are vulnerable or at risk may prevent serious harm from happening to them at a later stage.


Provides child protection training for leaders and helpers, which clarifies the responsibilities of Brosna  and of individuals, and clearly shows the procedures to be followed if child abuse is suspected.

Children First Bill

This policy is based on the "Children First Bill", 2014 and the "Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children" document, 2011.

Co-operates with child care and protection agencies and professionals by sharing information when necessary and working together towards the best possible outcome for the children concerned and makes links with other relevant organisations in order to promote child protection and welfare policies and practices.

Safe Practices

​Adopts safe practices to minimise the possibility of harm or accidents happening to children and to protect staff from the necessity to take risks and leave themselves open to accusations of abuse or neglect.

​Recognises that valuing children means valuing staff as well and that insistence on safe practices—eliminating the necessity for staff to take risks and providing them with support—will make for a healthier and safer organisation