"My daughter looks forward to the Club every week and that proves to me that it's worth it"

Welcome to Brosna Girls Clubs!

We have 6 youth clubs located in three cities in Ireland (Dublin, Cork and Galway). Every activity and input in our clubs tries to help each girl in three simple ways: Experience the happiness that comes from giving yourself in the service of others.Grow in friendship with Jesus Christ. Form lasting friendships with peers that will support them as they grow into adulthood. 

All our activities stem from those three main goals. Our inspiration to do this and work to make it better for each girl and family that benefits from the Club comes from our conviction that the Christian faith gives meaning and happiness to everyday life.

Opus Dei

The inspiration of the Clubs stems from a message that St Josemaria, the founder of Opus Dei.

What is Opus Dei?

Opus Dei is part of the Catholic Church. The name is Latin for “Work of God”. Opus Dei’s mission is to spread the Christian message that every person is called to holiness and that every honest work can be sanctified.

What does Opus Dei offer?

Opus Dei offers support and guidance to help all those who want (whether or not they are members) to aim at holiness in their ordinary lives, especially through their everyday work.

What is holiness?

Holiness means following Jesus Christ, imitating Him in thoughts, feelings, words and deeds. It means loving God and neighbour, with a love that gives rise to other virtues, such as humility, justice, integrity, and solidarity. Holiness is attained only with God’s assistance and our constant striving. The teaching that everyone is called to holiness was at the heart of the Second Vatican Council, which was enormously influential in shaping the Catholic Church’s understanding of what it means to be a follower of Christ in the modern world.

What is the Club's relationship with Opus Dei?

The spiritual activities in our Clubs are entrusted to Opus Dei. This means that the adult and teen volunteers who run the Clubs benefit from the spiritual input that Opus Dei offers so that they can grow in their Catholic faith and try to be good role models to the girls who attend the Club. This empowers the success of the Club: the atmosphere of Christian virtue, the professional running of our activities, the fairness and respect for each girl and family who benefit from the Club. In specific, we try to help the girls see the Catholic faith as beautiful and positive. Contributing to helping them being the better version of themselves. We teach them the basics of the Catholic faith (e.g. what is the Mass) and link it with ordinary life (e.g. loving Jesus Christ by loving others).

I am not a Catholic. Is the Club for my daughter?

Yes! The Club benefits everyone. There are a number of girls in our Clubs that are not Catholic or Christian. The principal emphasis in the Club is to help each girl reach her potential by being the best version of yourself. This benefits all girls whether they have faith in a particular religion or not.

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